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Hold On To Your Magnets, We Just Launched The Perfect Knife Storage Solution

May 17, 2020

No one has to dangerously dig through a cutlery drawer just to fetch their knife, nor does anyone deserve the dulling blades that come with cramped storage. That’s why our Knife Block’s the best thing you can do for your Écriture knives.

No more accidental cuts, no more clutter, and no more blunt edges.

Attractive. Both magnetically and aesthetically.

A tempered neodymium magnet keeps your knives latched securely onto the block.

The rest is just as impressive, sporting environmentally-friendly paper composite material called Richlite, which is non-porous, heat-resistant, and even dishwasher-safe.

It all adds up to a beautiful kitchen centerpiece fit for your perfect Écriture Knives to be admired.

The Écriture Knife Block Stand

Versatility Is Underrated.

Besides being a stunning and functional decor piece, this storage solution is also designed to be effortlessly versatile. The ability to mount it on a wall with provided hardware saves counter space, and placing it freestanding gives even easier access to your most important kitchen tools.

The Écriture Knife Block Wall Mount

In any orientation, your suspended knives are germ free and easy to admire. As they should be. Like with any Écriture tool, you don’t have to choose between preference and performance. That’s what our philosophy boils down to.

You get to do you.

Along with our knives, the ultimate storage solution is going into production soon and will be shipped to backers to be received before the end of 2020. Make sure you take a look at our full collection here.

Available Only On Kickstarter

The Ecriture Perfect Knife Collection is launching on Kickstarter soon, and this knife storage solution is an accessory available to our Kickstarter backers for a big discount.

For the majorly cut price of $349, backers will receive a special bundle including the 6-piece Perfect Knife Collection AND the Knife Block! If you want the knife storage separately, it will be available for $99, over 50% off MSRP!

The Écriture team has been extremely busy gearing up for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign of our first products, the Perfect Knife Collection.

On top of that, we’ve been vigilant about making sure our employees are safe and healthy during this time of COVID19. Our team is working remotely and maintaining social distance and we hope you are, too.

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