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Staking Out For A Steak Knife? Your Search Ends Here.

September 15, 2020

An essential piece in achieving your #KitchenGoals

Picture this —

You’re sitting in front of a hot, juicy steak, proud of the meal you perfectly prepped.

It’s a satisfaction chefs of all levels can appreciate.

You’re ready to chow down, but the moment you dig your knife into the steak...

You can’t make a clean cut.

There’s nothing graceful about it, and your masterpiece becomes somewhat hard to appreciate.

Why spoil something perfect?

To sharpen your dining experience, you can upgrade to the Écriture Steak Knife.

Even when it’s not a succulent steak, there’s no reason your meals can’t be as easy and convenient to eat.

Many steak knife owners can attest to it - there’s no going back to normal cutlery once you make the jump. Long before you know it, the Écriture Steak Knife becomes a kitchenware essential. Here’s why:

  • Uninterrupted Meals - While other essential knives (like the Chef Knife) belong to the chopping board, the steak knife belongs to the dining table. They’re meant to make cutting into cooked food much more enjoyable, ideal when entertaining guests with an intimate meal!
  • Long-Lasting Premium Cuts - As with all Écriture blades, the Steak Knife is equipped with a Japanese AUS-10 steel blade, industry leading for its perfect balance between hardness and sharpness. Striking this sweet spot is key to a durable, long-lasting blade for years to come.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a Steak Knife - as you should be - make sure to also check out our guide on keeping your blade sharp and in tip-top condition.

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