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Michael R.
"I’m looking for a new personal set of knives. When I seen you guys advertising ,I jumped at the chance to be apart of this unique creation!
Matthew C.
"An interesting idea. Also, in willing to try almost any new type of knife that fits the hand and is 100% balanced."
Sarah G.
"The description of the knife abilities sounded amazing and the knife itself is sleek and stylish looking."
Oscar D.B.
"Intrested in new kinds of knives"


Chop finely with pin-point precision, mince meat with unwavering control, or disjoint the Thanksgiving Turkey at full strength — Slide with SwingTech to the rhythm of the meal you’re cooking.

Écriture Perfect Knife Collection


You have the kitchen handled with Écriture. With a wide top for accuracy and slim bottom for power, the handle’s shape does not dictate your grip. Say goodbye to straining.



Everything comes together in perfectly engineered precision. A full tang, tempered Japanese AUS-10 steel blade sharpened at a precise 15° angle is housed into a soft-touch antibacterial handle. Superior quality for superior performance.

Écriture Perfect Knife Collection


The complete Écriture collection has the right tool for every chapter of your story. Featuring the quintessential Chef Knife in 2 sizes, a thin and supple Slicing Knife for surgical treatment of delicate meats, a short Paring Knife to tackle veggies and herbs, a serrated Bread Knife, and a Utility Knife to fill in the gaps with added versatility.

Écriture Perfect Knife Collection
Knife Block

Perfect storage

Our beautiful, contemporary knife storage solution saves counter space with a minimalist design or mounts easily to any wall with provided hardware. Keep your knives safe and secure while also conveniently displaying your Écriture Perfect Knife Collection.

Écriture Perfect Knife Collection

Perfect strength

The magnetic face is made of neodymium for strength to hold onto your knives. The storage solution and matching stand is made of Richlite, an environmentally-friendly paper composite material. Richlite is renowned for being very durable and lightweight, nonporous, heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.

Écriture Perfect Knife Collection

From kitchen to dining table

Our Richlite constructed Cutting Board keeps your knives sharp as you cut on a steady and durable surface, also making sure that your counter stays clean as the grooves catch juices from meal preparation. Go from kitchen to dining table: Cook better, save time, and amaze your guests with a simple flip.

Personalized engraving


Every Écriture knife can be laser engraved with up to 35 characters of your choice. Each knife can have something different!

Giving Écriture knives as a gift? Make it one they’ll never forget with a custom message, saying, phrase, or a memorable quote.

The best knives just got better.


When Pierre Regnault founded Écriture Kitchen, he laid the company’s foundations in the act of writing - that’s what the French word Écriture means.

For centuries, stories and meals are how we’ve connected with other people. Food always tells a story, as does how it is lovingly crafted for the people we care about.

Our knives allow you to write a new story every day in your kitchen. That’s why we innovate the way we did with SwingTech - Anybody could write any story through their food with a knife that feels just right in their hands every time.

Tell YOUR story of a simple Sunday family meal, a quick snack, or a feast with friends using the Écriture perfect knife set to create the perfect meal.


  • When will my Perfect Knives be delivered?
  • Before Christmas, but when you finally do get them, it will surely feel like an early Christmas!

  • How long does it take to ship to our place?
  • All parcels will be delivered using Express courier service.

    Parcels will leave from either our US, French or Asian warehouse.

  • Is there VAT, duties or fees related to shipping?
  • We include all VAT and duties at checkout for you! Just select your country after selecting your pledge.

  • Can I buy more than one knife?
  • Yes! You CAN purchase just the 7.5-inch chef’s knife by itself, or you can purchase the essential 3-piece mini collection or the entire set of 6 knives.

  • What does your warranty cover?
  • The lifetime warranty covers the blade and knives under normal use conditions.

    PRO TIP: Don’t put your knives in a dishwasher. Not only will it damage your beautiful knife, it also won’t be covered by our warranty.

  • Why AUS-10 steel?
  • We want the best of the best.

    Japanese AUS-10 steel is industry-leading for its hardness and durability while still being pliable and elastic enough for comfortable use and control.

    Our stainless steel Japanese AUS10 knives have HRC rating of 58-60, meaning it would always be ready to help you serve  the best food for your loved ones anytime!

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